New England Fall Roadtrip: Day 1 & 2

Monday, November 9, 2020

We left our home in Florida around 4am Saturday morning and headed 12 hours north to our first destination in Doswell, Virginia where we planned to spend the night. As with all road trips things don't always go to plan, and unfortunately this trip had a lot of bumps and bruises. 
When we arrived in Virginia we still had enough daylight to set-up our tent, cook dinner and then settle in for a few hours of sleep before getting on the road again. 

Unfortunately, the campsites were so close together (campsite review here) that we couldn't get any sleep after the long road from the noise of our neighbors and the neighboring highway. So, ultimately we decided to pack up camp in middle of the night and just keep driving. This would allow us to get to get ahead of our schedule and arrive in Maine early enough we could make a few stops along the coast. Little did we know our car had other plans...

Sunday morning we arrived in Connecticut after a short stop to sleep at a New Jersey rest stop. My husband had noticed a surprising sound coming from the jeep and after a short talk with my father who is a mechanic, we decided it was best to find the nearest shop and take it in. Unfortunately for us, we didn't realize that in New England essentially everything is close on Sundays. It's like the whole north east shuts down. Thankfully we were able to get it safely to a Pep Boys were we received some disturbing news.

Prior to our trip we had taken our vehicle in to be serviced so we could make the long haul including brake check, rotating tires, etc. According to the mechanic at pep boys when they replaced our breaks they failed to tighten the calipers, which if you're not familiar with the auto mechanics of a vehicle, essential holds our brakes on. So when the mechanic at Pep Boys asked me if I was Irish because we were lucky to be alive, he meant it. 

When everything was said and done and a few hiccups we were finally back on the road towards Maine for the next leg of our trip. You can check out day three of our adventure here and all posts on our New England Adventure here.

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