New England Fall Roadtrip Day 4: Acadia National Park

Monday, November 9, 2020


We awoke this morning a little later than we anticipated but got some much needed rest. Once we packed up the tent, we headed towards Acadia National Park to hike a well known trail called Jesup Path. This 1.5 mile hike starts out on a dirt path and eventually leads to a wooden boardwalk before ending at the Sieur De Monts Nature Center. 

This was one of our favorite easy hikes inside Acadia National Park. The views are stunning during the fall but be warned to get there early as this path can fill up quickly. 

Once we finished up our small hike and exploring we drove around Acadia taking in the scenery and eventually landing on the idea to drive into Bar Harbor for the afternoon. Although we had this on our Itinerary for the next day, we decided to get an early lead on our itinerary and head into New Hampshire.

Bar Harbor is a beautiful coastal town neighboring Acadia National Park. It's filled with small shops and eateries and it's always hustling with locals and tourists alike. While we walked around we decided to get ice cream despite the cold, and the shop happily offered Storm one as well. When we all finished our delicious treat we took the opportunity to relax on the green courtyard park located in the middle of town next to the water and let time and the wind pass us by. 

Once back at camp, we unsuccessfully tried to cook pizza over the fire before reverting to the age old favorite of hot dogs. Then we settled in and got ready for the next leg of our adventure. Little did we know at the time that it would be our last night camping for most of the trip.

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