New England Roadtrip Day 7 & 8: Woodstock, Vermont

Thursday, November 12, 2020


On the last two full days of our trip we stopped in the quaint picturesque town of Woodstock, Vermont. This quiet village surrounded by antique buildings and beautiful hillside farmland reminded me of something straight out of a hallmark movie. 

Our first stop of the day was Sugarbush farms, home to delicious golden amber maple syrup and a homemade variety of cheeses, all made right on the farm.

After exploring the golden hillside of Sugarbush Farms, we drove along the winding roads to gaze upon some of the most beautiful farmlands and homes I've ever seen. Vermont in the fall is something very special. I almost can't put into words the beauty of it all. In the short time we spend there I fell in love with the spaces, the nature, the people and the simplicity of it all. 

After we awoke the following morning we set out at dawn into town to explore Woodstock before the tourists started flocking back into town. There's something magical about destinations first thing in the morning. Between the golden light, the stillness and calming quiet it's a photographer lovers paradise. It also gives us a chance to take everything in without fighting between crowds. We make it a mission on every trip to get to multiple destinations with the sunrise or before. 

During Autumn with every fence post adorned with miniature pumpkins, the homes accessorized with fall décor and the festive shop windows it left us feeling like we had just stepped back in time. 
After giving our eyes a fill we decided to give our stomachs one as well and stopped to have breakfast in the quaint Mon Vert Café. Luckily we arrived early to wait outside, because about ten minutes before they opened a line had formed around the front and once you eat there you will know why. 
With our stomachs full and hearts heavy to leave we got back in the car to drive along the scenic and historic Route 100. We drove for around two hours only stopping to take photos, enjoy the views and let Storm run free through a gorgeous open fields. 

With the sunsetting we said goodbye to Vermont and got some rest for our long drive tomorrow into upstate New York. The day we didn't know would be the last day of our trip...

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